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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  January 14, 2011 11:30pm-12:30am PST

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complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is the 10:00 news on ktvu channel 2. >> an elderly victim is released from the hospital. right now police are searching for her attacker. good evening, everyone. >> police call it a heinous crime. an 80 year old woman was raped in her home in richmond. the suspect is a member of her own extended family. ktvu's patty lee has been talking to police and family members and is live with the
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story, patty? >> reporter: jew lee, police say the victim did not initially report the assault. when they first responded to her apartment last night she had activated her life alert bracelet but sent police away saying she was okay. today she called back and said she didn't want to admit she had been brutally sexually assaulted. this 80 year old woman leaves a county hospital after she spent most of the day waiting to be examined by doctors. >> for her to tell me that, i cried. >> reporter: family members whom we will not identify provided these photos of the suspect. richmond place say square needs to be taken into custody quickly. >> this is your worst nightmare, an 80 year old woman, all you can think of are your and family members, grandmothers, and aunts. >> reporter: family members can't quite accept what's
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happened, square, who is married to a member of the victim's family could have harmed an elderly woman. >> obviously, this crime is very heinous. any kind of criminal i would consider dangerous. >> reporter: police say square has a history of domestic violence. they say he may be more clean cut than these photos indicate and may try to flee the area. tonight the 80 year old is home recovering. she was supposed to be here talking to investigators but decided to spend time with her family instead. police say they can wait until tomorrow when she's ready. reporting live in richmond, ktvu channel 2 news. a fire in an apartment building left a handful of people in the cold. at this hour firefighters remain on the scene. the flames started about 7:40 this evening in an apartment
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building on florida and 22nd street. it took 40 minutes to control the flames. no reports of injuries but eight units are ununhablable. investigators looking into last weekend's mass shooting in tucson, arizona, have started asking questions of a state senator here in the bay area. they want to know if there's a connection between threatening messages received by state senator leyland lee and the shooting. amber lee 1 live in san francisco with our report, amber? >> reporter: frank, senator lee told us he's received threats here in his office inside the state building and at the state capitol in the form of faxes, e- mails, and phone calls. >> this is the united states of america, if he don't like it, tell him to go back to china. >> reporter: an aide played one of the hostile phone messages, it was one of several lee
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received after raising questions about speaking engagement at california state university. yee said on monday, he was contacted about this fax we received. we blurred out the offensive content. the cover page shows a cross hair symbol. >> frighteningin that somebody is going to make these threats against you. unfortunately that's part of our jobs these days. >> reporter: an aide told us arizona investigators are looking at "similarly-worded faxes." the california highway's patrol dignitary protection have contacted them with questions about the facts. >> caller: definitely be sharing information if a suspect is identified on the fax issue. >> reporter: what can you share with us about security for you
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and your staff? >> additional training from security folks in the senate. >> reporter: yee says he has not asked for additional security officers and he will not change his plans to hold public meetings with constituents. reporting live in san francisco, amber lee, "ktvu channel 2 news." a candle light vigil was held this evening for victims of saturday's shootings in tucson. about four dozen people came together and each seemed to have their own reasons. some said it was important to come together and work for the future. others had a connection to gun violence and another a link to where it happened. >> we have a daughter who lives in arizona but as a parent, seeing all the suffering really moved us and we wanted to come and show our support. >> two young boys said they were moved by seeing the coverage on television and in particular the 9 year old victim christina green.
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the funeral of john roll was held today in tucson. he was one of the six killed saturday. it was a private service because of concerns about security and the family's request. mourners said the 63 year old was devoted to his family, bass et hounds and irish heritage. doctors treated the congresswoman saying they remain optimistic yet cautious about her recovery and say giffords' breathing tube could be removed within a day. her neurosurgeon says he's seeing improvement. >> we're confident she's making progress now. her eyes being open, that kind of occurrence is more frequent at this time. >> her husband posted a message on twitter today says gigi, as he calls her, is improving every day and thanked people for messages of support.
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>> officials in tucson provided audiotape of police dispatch and officers in the field saturday morning. as you listen, you can sense how the scope of the crime revealed itself in the moments after the ram beige. >> caller: cars are reporting a shooting with a semiautomatic weapon seen headed towards the walgreens. we have a caller who believes gabrielle giffords was shot, multiple victims. sounds like many people are shot. >> caller: customers have tackled the suspect. they are holding him down at the safeway. >> caller: inside or outside of the store? >> caller: outside of the store. >> caller: does not have the gun on him. it's in the crowd somewhere. >> caller: multiple med units. multiple people down. at least ten. >> caller: requesting
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additional units. >> caller: how many victims do we have? >> caller: there are multiple victims, need a lot more units here. >> federal authorities have taken possession of strange new photos of the suspect in that shooting, jerad loughner. the photos show loughner wearing a red g-string and posing with a handgun. he left them to be developed at walgreens the night before the shooting. investigators say loughner stayed up all night before the shooting and went out several times to stores nearby. . in california, it is legal to carry a gun in public as long as there are no bullets in it and you have the weapon in plain view. new legislation introduced would repeal that law and make openly carrying a gun a misdemeanor and a fine of up to $1,000. ken has our report. >> they'd meet once a month and
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carry unloaded handguns. but the movement has grown. some events are weekly affairs in california. >> more and more citizens are getting involved because they recognize the fact that violent crime is something no one can plan for. >> the right to openly carry a handgun has been law since 1968. but now a law would ban open carry. >> guns in the public are always a concern for police officers. >> reporter: police chief with the california police chiefs association which support the ban. similar legislation passed last year but didn't make it to the governor's desk. the law was ignored until recently when people began stretching that right. >> basically in the entire history of california never has an open carrier committed a crime. >> this bill was just introduced. it is far from law.
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expect hearings on the issue in the coming months. if this bill is ultimately passed and signed by the governor. expect legal challenges to follow. in oakland, "ktvu channel 2 news." blue shield of california says it is moving forward with scheduled rate hikes that could total as much as 59% despite calls to delay the move. the san francisco-based insurer asked for an outside expert to review the increase. the company said it would look at the refund. california's new insurance commissioner asked blue shield to postpone the increase so his department could conduct a full review. latest increase set to go into effect march first. bay area weekend is here. fog to talk about tonight, dense fog advisory, other bay area communities, a lot of fog as well. i'll show you where the most fog will be in the morning hours. he fought fires, he saved
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lives. it is his life that is being remembered. tonight's story of one alameda fireman's last battle. a rescue attempt turns tragic after a powerline falls at a shift your weight forward onto the left foot.
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take the right leg up, holding the inner arch of the foot... introducing instant action alerts, only from chase. left arm up... manage your account and help avoid overdrafts with a click of a button. just reply to the alert with how much you want to transfer. inhale, all the way up... so you always stay in balance. crescent pose. chase what matters. just four more times. ♪ fire officials say several people watched a fire burn this evening before calling 911. the fire started in a vacant
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apartment but about 20 people were there. officials said no one was injured and the fire was confined to that one apartment until the fruitvail area of oakland. he was only 42 years old. today funeral services were held for a firefighter who died of cancer. his fellow firefighters say the cancer was a direct result of his job. mike is live tonight in alameda with more, mike? >> reporter: scott, two homes, one in marin, the other right here, this is alameda fire station number two where you can see the station number is covered with a black band and to my left on the front lawn, the american flag flying at half staff. a procession of engines to honor a man loved by his man,
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the 42 year old fire captain. >> he's a great guy. enjoyed working with him. always felt i could count on him. >> fellow fireman say he was dedicated to his wife, son, outdoors, and fighting fire. it's that passion and commitment for his job they say cost him his life. >> several times a year our exposed to toxins and smoke and die of occupational cancer. scott was one of those guys. >> he was exposed to different toxins and hazardous materials a number of times. two years ago a number alameda firefighters were exposed to toxins at this fire. >> second fire we've had here in alameda that's died of occupational cancer. >> reporter: ironically, he helped organize the department-
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wide exposure reporting program. that program will continue and so too will the memory of captain scott carnavali. >> we all miss scott very much. he was a big part of our family here. he's going to be missed. >> reporter: 10-30 firefighters die every year due to occupational cancer. reporting live in alameda, "ktvu channel 2 news." san francisco police say they arrested a man today in connection with a fatal shooting at a cafe. the 29 year old ran into that cafe yesterday afternoon with the gunman right behind him. the victim was cornered and shot several times at point blank range in front of customers. the gunman reportedly took a bag from the victim and shot him once more in the head. police say witnesses helped identify the shooter whose name has not been released. . police are treating the
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deaths on and grandmother as murder-suicide. the names have not been released. a neighbor said family friends went to the home for a regular thursday night visit. another neighbor describes what they found. >> they said they walked inside, coffee pot was on, everything was ready for them to come over and have coffee and they just found them grizzly murdered and front door opened. >> police said both victims had been shot in the head. the grandson reportedly suffered from mental illness and had a history of illegal drug use but police don't know what, if any, role that played in the case. >> in southern california a couple and son were elect cuted by a downed powerline. steven heard a pop and saw a fire in his backyard. went outside to put it out and stepped on the exposed powerline.
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authorities say his wife and 21 year old son then died trying to saver him. family members say wires there had long been a hazard. >> second time they've caught fire. this time killed my brother's family and him. i'd like to know why that's happening and those wires failed and killed my family. >> the couple's two younger children were inside the house at the time and were not hurt. a training exercise killed a marine today. the marine corp. says he was trapped for more than two hours on an assault vehicle after it sank. officials say five other marines were on board but managed to escape without injury. the accident is under investigation, the marine's name is being withheld. house republicans say they plan to pursue repeal of president obama's health care overhaul and will act soon. a vote set was canceled out of respect for the shooting victims in tucson. the vote is scheduled for next
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wednesday. opponents say it was too costly. the opposed repeal will pass in the house but to pass in the senate currently controlled by democrats. the obama administration stopped construction of a virtual fence along the border separating the u.s. and mexico. congress approved the project during the bush administration and after spending almost $1 billion to build just 53 miles of it, homeland security officials say it did little to improve security. the fence was to be a network of cameras and sensors that would be used to spot illegal immigrants and decide where to deploy border patrol agents. republicans shook up the party leadership today. michael steele failed in his bid for reelection. instead previs won the position. he must figure out how to repay $22 million and start fundraising. many were fed up with michael
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steele's management style. in a new book, ronald reagan's son says his father may have been suffering from alzheimer's during his presidency. being at a loss for words and believes his father would have left office if he had been diagnosed. the official diagnose came five years after president reagan left the white house. john paul the second is one step closer to sainthood. he will be beatified march 1. he has been credited for a machine ever of curing a -- miracle of curing a none of parkinson's disease. the current pope will preside over the ceremony. and we're looking for valley fog tonight. dense fog advisory in the north bay. we talked about that in the
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earlier broadcast. that's for the north bay but be rest assured it will show up in many inland bay valleys. look at them to have fog as well. overnight lows in the 40s. lots of fog but a quick burnoff like today. that means temperatures tomorrow could easily get into the mid-60s in some of the warmest locations. if we roll on this weekend, some of the nicest weather we've seen in a bit. details on that and the 5-day forecast as well. see you back in a bit. a famous san francisco landmark reopened today seven years after closing for renovation. the palace of fine arts included seismic upgrades, new entrances and path ways. the 95 year old site is the only structure left of the panama exhibition. it was a partnership between the city and maybeck
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foundation. she was walking home from a party. the hit and run that's left a girl seriously injured and the surveillance video that's not paid off. one of the major freeways in the bay area will soon
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a teenager with a potentially fatal brain injury remains hospitalized tonight after a hilt aneurin in the south bay. there is surveillance video of what happened but the driver has not been fun. the girl's mother and grandmother spoke with ktvu today. >> reporter: carrie shaw is trying to stay strong for her daughter but is hard not to fall apart knowing she suffered brain damage. >> you're on autopilot. you feel you're dying inside. >> reporter: the 15 year old
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has not spoken or opened her eyes since last saturday. this surveillance video released by police shows the couple walking and crossing when a grayer vehicle struck her and sped off. she is suffering from skull and pelvis fractures, torn bladder, and broken femur. >> she's a very loved girl, has a lot of friends. very vivacious. she's a wonderful really girl and we want her back. >> reporter: despite the video, there have been few leads. there were other cars in the area as well as people at a gas station but no one is talking. shea's family wants the driver to come forward: >> give us that satisfaction that you care enough, that you're human enough to do that. >> reporter: doctors are going to try to wean shea off medication to see how she reacts. she's in a medically-induced
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coma. "ktvu channel 2 news". there are reports tonight a student at palo alto high school has committed suicide. according to the weekly website, the teenager killed himself yesterday at his home. his death comes after four palo alto committed suicide in 2009 and 2010. authorities say rumors yesterday's death happened on the tracks are not true. some of richmond's youngest residents took to the streets to remember dr. martin luther king jr. hundreds of students from lincoln, coronado and richmond college preparatory schools marched promoting peace and celebrating martin luther king's birthday. the leader would have turned 82 tomorrow. this is the fourth year the children have made the march. on wall street, the dow industrials rose to their highest level in two and a half
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years today. positive news from banks pushed prices higher. the dow picked up 55 points, wells fargo and bank of america say they expect to increase their dividends. nasdaq gained 20. there's word tonight train ridership between the bay area and sacramento is up. the beat reports almost 129,000 people road the capital trains in december. that is up 5% compared to the same time the year before. amtrak claims the trains were on time 97% of the time. the capital line serves 16 stations from san jose on up to auburn. it has been a bottleneck for years. coming up next, the major project at 6 at a south bay interchange and how it will affect drivers it's called
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cal trans is shutting down a section of highway 101 in san jose tonight. crews are preparing to tear down the tully road bridge to reduce congestion. lloyd laquesta is more on the traffic back ups this is going to create. >> reporter: they have already taken a jackhammer to the tully road bridge. in less than an hour, cal trans workers will begin shutting down highway 101 to rebuild the bottleneck freeway interchange in the south bay. traffic is already bad at the tully road interchange with highway 101. >> sometimes 20 minutes to get from here to the freeway with the metering light in the morning. it's pretty bad.
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>> reporter: tonight, workers will be preparing to demolish the tully road bridge so there can't be any traffic passing underneath. the freeway will be closed tonight from 11:30 to 5:30 tomorrow morning. on saturday night, the closure will start at midnight until 7:00 a.m. and on sunday from 11:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. traffic will be detoured into neighborhoods alongside the freeways. >> it's a lot of traffic i can see. i hope they can do it faster. >> reporter: we talked to some residents of one of the detour routes. >> i like where we live, but there's going to be a lot of traffic. i'm worried about accidents and stuff. i want everybody to be safe. >> reporter: the $45 million project includes new freeway ramps, additional lanes to get more cars on and off faster as well as a higher bridge. it will take 16 months to complete. cal trans says traffic will move smoother with less
12:01 am
congestion. >> we ask them to continue to be patient with us, but in the end the actual project will be beneficial to them. >> reporter: and cal trans says this weekend is just the first of several planned freeway closures in upcoming months. again, highway 101 at the tully road exit closed beginning at 11:30 tonight. live in san jose, "ktvu channel 2 news." and we made a map to show you exactly how that detour will work. drivers traveling north on highway 101 will exit at tully road, then turn left on king road to story road where another left will take them back on to the freeway. southbound traffic will be detoured on to tully road, then you make a left turn on mclaughlin avenue to capital expressway, a left turn on the expressway will put drivers on southbound 101, the onramp there. >> we posted all this information on our website as well, just look for the bay area news tab on the front page.
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sheriff's departments are investigating the death of a man whose body was found in a creek alongside interstate 80. the sheriff's department says deputies discovered the body wednesday night while investigating a abandoned vehicle near the freeway. deputies found one set of footprints leading from the car and to the body and say a head injury indicates the victim may have fallen. drug manufacturer johnson and johnson have recalled a recall of almost 40,000 remedies. consumers need event worried, no projected reached store shelves. all the products are from a plant in pennsylvania which was shut down in april after a food and drug administration investigation turned up problems. new research says pregnant women may be passing on potentially toxic chemicals to their unborn children.
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almost all of the 268 pregnant women they studied had detectable levels of chemicals in blood or urine. of the 163 chemicals studied, 43 were found in virtually all of the women. the chemicals included ddt, which was banned back in 1972. >> these molecules go into our bodies, go to our fat and stay there for weeks, months, years, some for the rest of our lives. even though they were banned in the 70s, they are in our environment and our bodies. >> researchers hope the study will prompt the government to make sure chemicals are safe before hitting the market. actress j j gay bore's right leg was amputated today at ucla medical center. gabore had an infection for months. she was hospitalized after efforts to save her leg with
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antibiotics failed. doctors say no complications so far. ja ja will turn 94 next month. >> doesn't make an arc storm less of a threat. the threat to california is real. an arc storm could cause flooding so wide spread it would have a devastating impact on our economy. consumer editor tom baykar reports. >> atmospheric rivers of moisture forms, growing larger and gaining speed. >> reporter: imagine, an unending series of pacific thunderstorms clamming into california north to south for 45 days. far rarer than great earthquakes, these storms have hit california before, the last one 149 years ago wiping up towns and farms and much of the state's early economy. >> this event has about the same probability of occurring
12:05 am
as a big san andreas earthquake. >> reporter: despite flood control, much of the valley would be wiped out. >> all this is a floodplain. even discovery bay, tracy, not too much you could do about it. >> reporter: if too many levies failed, thousands of homes and farms lost and our fresh water system would be destroyed. the south bay would be indated along with silicone valley. countless minor roads and destroy untold numbers of properties. the coast would be pounded, flooding low-lying shorelines and bays and causing massive erosion along the entire coast, making pacifica's erosion a minor event. tom baykar, "ktvu channel 2 news." >> a new report turned the
12:06 am
zodiac signs into question. over the millennium the stars have pushed into a different alignment. the biggest shocker is a possibility of a 13th sign. aphiuchus for birthdays. >> did a uc davis professor breach ethics involving a student who just gave birth? fog advisory for the north bay, the rest of us will see morning fog as well. talk about that and daytime highs saturday and sunday. and a story only on
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you have the time to give. you have the capacity to care. you have the experience to contribute. and your country needs you -- one of its greatest assets -- americans whose lifetime of knowledge and know-how will make the difference. take what you learned in the workplace and apply those skills to your community. shape tomorrow by being a mentor and tutor for children. make independence a reality for people who need assistance and companionship to continue to make their house their home. make a difference today. get involved.
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officials are investigating a possible breach of academic ethics and sex discrimination after an e-mail sent on behalf of a professor in a veterinary school in which students are asked on how to grade a student who missed tests because she just had given birth. if that's found to be true, it would be a serious deviation from campus principles. faculty and staff would not speak on camera but students were not shy. >> it's a personal issue between the professor and student: >> no word on how long the investigation might take. >> three san francisco schools will have to replace half their teachers because of a bargain with the federal government. bryant elementary, carver elementary and and everett. they agreed to take as much as $1.5 million for each campus
12:10 am
but must remove 50% of the teachers. >> for each one of those schools to have that money to really fund their reform process is hugely significant for those communities. >> give them the resources, give them the professional development, don't punish the people keeping the schools afloat. >> district officials hope enough teachers volunteer to leave to prevent the need for forced transfers. the university of california's attempt to attract more outof state students paid off. the system received more than 11% applications for fall of 2011 than fall of 2010. non-residents pay more to attend helping the university deal with budget cuts. overall, 142,000 students applied. of those is expected 70% will be accepted. president obama plans to ease up on travel restrictions to cuba. the president intends to allow
12:11 am
students and church groups to visit the communist country and any u.s. citizen would be allowed to spend as much as $500 every month to citizens. the changes are expected to go into effect within two weeks. in news of the world tonight, violent protest drove the president out of power today and out of that north african nation. the president had been in power for 23 years, he ruled with a violent fist. social media and cell phones fueled street riots. young tanisians are angry they were not benefiting from economic growth while the president and his allies were. in italy, investigators are investigating the president for prostitution charges. he called the allegations absurd. there's a long history of allegations into alleged sexual and financial wrong doing by the prime minister but seems
12:12 am
he's able to survive politically each time. in australia, the flood waters receded and the task of cleaning up is underway. thousands turned up today to pitch in and help. the mayor said everyone rolls up their sleeves in his town and also warned the clean up and reconstruction will take months if not years. about 300-500 meters a day are vandalized. >> it's becoming a major problem. only on 2, what's fueling a rash of vandalism in san francisco.
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12:14 am
. we have developing news in san francisco at this hour where a power outage has left about 4,000 pg&e customers in
12:15 am
the dark. the utility says the outage started about 10:00 and affects homes and businesses in the western division laural heights and the van ness corridor. right now pg&e has multiple crews searching for the problem. you may find this hard to believe, but in san francisco, hundreds of parking meters are vandalized every day. not only is that costing the city a lot of money, it could end up being more difficult to find a parking space. a story you will see only on 2. >> reporter: tony spends his days repairing meters in san francisco. between 80 and 90% of broken meters are vandalized by people looking for free parking. >> that's what you'll find. about 300-500 meters are day are vandalized. that's due to people trying 20 get over and trying to park in a spot all day long. >> reporter: cities such as los
12:16 am
angeles have banned parking at broken meters as a way of dissuading vandalism. the more people parking in the area, the higher the price at the meter, the transportation agency says it doesn't know if higher meter prices will lead to more vandalism, but board members are preparing to vote on weather to ban parking at broken meters. >> what was recommended at our sub committee for our board was to allow parking at broken meters for up to 2 hours depending on the time limits. >> reporter: san franciscoens say parking is tough enough and worry taking away parking spaces could leave them circling the block endlessly. >> if the meter is broke, it's on them, they need to get it fixed. parking, there's not that many parking spaces. >> reporter: the transportation agency told me meter vandalism is an ongoing problem in san francisco, one that costs the city about $1.5 million a year
12:17 am
in repairs. in san francisco, "ktvu channel 2 news." state regulators have told pacific gas and electric to bring pipeline records up to date by march 15 as federal investigators begin their probe in the deadly explosion in san bruno. they will decide which gaslines have undergone pressure testing and which haven't. if pg&e can't figure out safe pressure levels, the utility should perform high-pressure water tests to find out the condition of its pipelines. there is word tonight the first of 38 home owners whose houses were destroyed in the blast and fire has filed plans to rebuild. the san jose mercury news reports the owners submitted their plans last week. the city of san bruno has reportedly promised to waive fees and expedite the permit process for victims of the explosion. tomorrow marks the second anniversary of the terrifying
12:18 am
crash landing in the hudson in new york. the man who made that landing says he has a new appreciation of what happened that day. he said when the engines hit after hitting a flock of birds, it felt as if the bottom of his world had fallen out. all 155 passengers and crew made it to safety. without rain, we're talking about fog as we often do this time of year. dew points are high, a lot of moisture in the air, temperatures are going to drop, fog is going to form. fog around napa and we have fog up in the marin county area where the dense fog advisory is in effect. out here, you probably see the fog that is more -- here it comes, better shot. dense fog advisory. the fog in the central valley is forming. that will give us a fog advisory later tonight as well. saturday morning, visibility down to a quarter of a mile.
12:19 am
not just in the north bay but around the entire bay area most likely. conditions are at best in the north bay for fog formation but other places have it as well. high winds, dew points and good conditions, long nights. morning fog, mild, dry pattern continues into the weekend. weather systems trend north. that's an active-looking pacific. there's a lot going on, the jet stream is driving everything north of here. we're out of it pretty much, might be a few clouds on saturday, but that's it. the high pressure stays in charge. we're going to see mid-60s tomorrow for your saturday, then as we roll into sunday, this system gets closer, rain north, but maybe a few clouds for us and light sprinkle, perhaps gernville. that's about it. not a big deal. the real story is the valley fog. if you're driving up to the mountains, should be lifted up by 10 or 11:00, visibility up
12:20 am
to where you'd like them to be by mid-morning. there are your mountain forecasts. i know it's a holiday weekend for many. if headed to lake tahoe, snow flurries, sunday, that's it. nice weekend everywhere you go. around the bay tomorrow morning, valley fog in many places. lunchtime it clears, afternoon temperatures as well as they have been for awhile. temperatures in the upper 60s. coolest temperatures are going to be out here in the eastern valleys. warmest temperatures as you get closer to the coast. 67 degrees, nice-looking bay area weekend. 5-day forecast is a dry one. we're looking temperatures overnight to be on the mild side. not much going on, such an active winter. here we are in a couple of weeks some really stagnant weather with fog as the main deal. >> given how cold it's been, those 60s are going to feel great. >> really nice, thanks, bill.
12:21 am
organizers of the festival in the nevada desert are continuing their charitable ways. they say they donated more than $97,000 from last year's festival to several groups including museums, high school, fire department, senior center, and a food bank. since 1993, they have donated nearly a half
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keeping the fires burning, that was the theme this evening in oakland. it is a non-profit industrial arts school and features one of a kind persons involving fire,
12:25 am
metal, and life. they wanted to honor the founder and keep his vision alive. more performances are tomorrow. mark is off, fred is here, warriors have a lot of home games this month. if tonight's game is an indication, that's a good thing. >> a real team victory. one breakness is the lack of bench support. that means the starter gets tired, but tonight against the clippers, warriors back up to pour in 3 is points and it -- 31 points and it pays offer. tonight the rookie, blake griffin had his 25th consecutive double-double. 28 points, 13 rebounds, how did that thing go in? even baron davis was impressed. warriors led most of the way. it was tied 106-106. vladimir radmanovic was one of six to score in double figures, warriors finish off with a run.
12:26 am
monte ellis scores a game high. warriors win 122-112. . >> exactly one week after he got hired as the 49ers head coach, jim harbaugh went back to stanford and packed up important staff members. greg rowmand, both coaches have previous nfl coaching experience but roman spent the last two years with harbaugh at stanford and down on the farm. a's keep rebuilding their bull pen. leaving tampa bay to join oakland. he was 2-1 with a 2.2 era. he can just about do anything he likes, he agrees to a 2-year contract worth over $8 million. the deal is pending passing a physical. program note. after the football game on super bowl sunday, ktvu will present a giants special
12:27 am
commemorating san francisco's first-ever world series champion. two giants cashed in, players signed all kinds of articles for fans at a sports memorabilia show in santa clara. already been two and a half months since, and it's too intense to simply win it then forget it. >> i would wake up, you know, either in the night or as soon as i got up in the morning and thinking about a line up i had to put up. it was like it kept going. then i had to remind myself it's over. >> have you become a rock star? >> i don't know about that, i don't know about rock star status, but it's definitely been a life-changing deal. obviously, for the better: >> i got some buddies back home, i said don't call me champ. they don't like it, but it's funny. i lost so many times, i'm going to enjoy this one. >> that's sports as we see it for this friday night. super bowl sunday, should be
12:28 am
fun: >> stay alive for awhile. thanks, fred. be sure to join the "ktvu chan
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